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Starboard Waterman Package Inflatable 2016
Starboard Waterman Package Inflatable 2016
Starboard Waterman Package Inflatable 2016
7,300.00 AED

Starboard Waterman Package Inflatable 2016

Starboard Waterman Package Inflatable 2016

Easy storage! 2 in 1 product! Perfect for UAE conditions!

Attracting new people to the water and following the explosive growth trends of stand-up paddle boarding all over the world, windSUPing has become the new hot trend within windsurfing.

As current windsurfers opt to buy a WindSUP for the family and as more and more pure stand-up paddle boarders try attaching a sail to their board, windSUP promises to double the size of our market and bring renewed energy into the foundation of our sport. Essentially, Starboard's WindSUPs utilize the same shape and fittings as their SUP models, but add a mast track and a retractable dagger board for windsurfing.

As windsurf boards, they bring back the essence of relaxed, summer windsurfing: sharing windsurfing with your friends and family, gliding along the coast powered by a gentle breeze and eventually catching some waves.

As stand-up-paddle boards, they open up the door to the wonderful world of an entirely new sport: paddle boarding.

Included in package:

1) The Windsup touring Zen 11'6x30 is the fast all-round board with an efficient glide whether it's windsurfing or a paddlingboarding. It now feature the New Rail Edge Technology for planning performance.

It comes complete with a new magic bag with roller wheels side and top-load openings as well as a V 8 double action high-aspect pump.

2) The winSup Compact sail 5.5m2 package is the ultra compact windsurfing rig. It is powerful and the easiest to transport and store. A new downhaul 3-roller hook pulley makes downhauling hassle free. Downhaul line comes connected to the hook pulley for even faster and simple rigging. Just hook to the grommet and downhaul.

3) The Enduro Tiki Tech Paddle (3parts) is a well balanced all-round three-piece adjustable paddle that can easily be assembled and dismantled in seconds. Measuring only 85cm long, it fits in the rig bag or the board bag. The Tiki Tech Blade technology uses a lightweight PVC core with a full ABS rail, a hybrid carbon lay-up and a special scratchproof top sheet. The three pieces connect using a secure spring pin system and a compression clamp to reduce any play.

4) The magic bag with roller wheels, side and top load.

5) The pump : V8 double action high aspect pump