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Starboard GO 99 - 2016
Starboard GO 99 - 2016
Starboard GO 99 - 2016
4,200.00 AED

2016 Starboard GO 121



The GO: Starboard’s iconic range of progressive freeriders. They are the original, comfortable, stable all-round designs that have ushered in modern windsurfing by making it easy to progress, from beginner to advanced. They’re about getting planing, hooking into the harness, learning to waterstart, learning to windsurf with speed and power and mastering the carve jibe.


The GOs have been upgraded to share the same modern slim shapes as the Carve range: 8% slim, they offer a wide wind range with more control in high winds and more power in light winds. With the extra width comes more stability and earlier planing, and the ability to use bigger sails and deeper fins. With reduced thickness comes a sharper, more race-like sensation and improved control in higher winds.

Narrow tails with soft rails in the mid-section improve jibing performance compared to the previous generation GO. All GO boards include a G10 CNC milled performance fin with a thin tip for flex and smooth, fast ride.


As Progressive Freeride boards, the GOs cover the widest mix of characteristics by being very fast yet they remain maneuverable and stable. Like the Carves, they are stable to jibe but they still can turn with lots of grip and power, racing-style.
When compared to the Carves, the GO boards differ by offering more comfort and convenience: the GO boards have carry handles both in the centre and in the nose of the board. There are some extra-footstraps positions to accommodate for beginners and in the 151 and 161 sizes, there are optional centre fin boxes too: perfect for sharing windsurfing with your friends and family. Most significantly, the GO has a soft EVA deck while the Carves have the normal non-slip finish.

Carry handle in the center makes carrying the board under-arm easy - See more at:
Carry handle in the center makes carrying the board under-arm easy - See more at:

The Atom IQs are Starboard’s slim and thin freeride boards with the widest wind-range.

As freemove boards, they are designed to be exciting and fast in the straight line yet highly maneuverable and aggressive with a widest wind-range and control.

Efficient in light winds like a wide board 15 liters bigger, as maneuverable and controllable as a board with 15 liters less. "Plane big, jibe small." And with the right tuning, you get a wind range that covers three classic freeride boards.

Very thin rails and profile combined with the compact and wide outline give the Atom IQs their sporty and comfortable character with aggressive and easy jibes and a lively planing.

For 2015, new sizes and a new technology are available. The Atom IQ 130, 140 and 160 models are added to the already existing Atom IQ 100, 110 and 120 models.

All Atom IQs are now also available in Tufskin AST construction, with the Atom IQ 160 Tufskin featuring an extra center fin box. Fitting this optional center fin gives the Atom IQ 160 extra upwind traction for progressing riders.
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Tail width


Bottom shape (from tail to nose)

Number of footstrap rows



Recommended fin range

Recommended sail range

Weight (Tufskin)

Go 121







Flat Vee


Drake Freeride Power 40


36 - 42

5.0 - 8.0