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Stand-Up Paddle

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Stand up paddle boarding - a new and exciting sport

A great variety of stand up paddle boards for sale

The stand up paddle board first became popular among surfers on famous beaches like Hawaii when they started to use paddles to propel their boards. Stand up paddle boarding is a fairly new sport and, if you're a newcomer, you'll find it quite easy to learn. Also, it's immense fun! You don't need lots of equipment, simply a board, a paddle, and a few accessories to get started. You can enjoy this sport on different types of water, including lakes, rivers, canals and in more challenging environments like the sea. As with all water sports, it's a good idea to have some training and follow good safety practices such as wearing a wetsuit and especially a life jacket. Also, beginners are advised not to venture into difficult waters without the necessary experience and training. If you're thinking about buying a board and are looking for stand up paddle boards for sale, we have a wide selection along with accessories to get you out on the open water.

Different kinds of stand up paddle board

Stand up paddle boards are longer and wider than traditional surfboards and are also more buoyant, so you can stand up and balance on them more easily. Essentially, there are three main types of stand up paddle board: the allround, the surf, and the flatwater/race boards. The surf type is shorter than both the allround and flatwater/race board and has a narrower tip and tail. They're ideal for enjoying the surf and have the benefit of being more maneuverable on waves. On the other hand, they can be slower than flatwater boards and are not as easy to track in a straight line. Allround boards tend to be longer, wider, and thicker, than surf-specific boards and are an excellent choice for first-timers as you can explore different areas of the sport. Stable, and with good tracking and glide, these boards can be used on all kinds of water, including surf. They also have a fitting for a windsurf sail, which offers great versatility. Flatwater boards are ideal for lakes and canals and are excellent for ‘downwinders’ (moving along with the wind behind you). Longer than allround boards, they usually have a pointed nose so the board can glide smoothly through the water and travel straight. Also, their rounded sides improve glide and speed. Flatwater boards are stable and wide, so good for beginners, although race boards are in the same category and are narrower for more speed. Because of this, they can be difficult for beginners to manage. Finally, boards come in solid or inflatable types and you'll also need to buy a paddle to go with your board! We have stand up paddle boards for sale and are proud to offer you a wide choice with expert advice so you can make the right decision.