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Sailboats for sale: get afloat with our latest models

Sailing is one of the most exhilarating watersports for all ages and abilities and is a great way to enjoy being out on the water in the fresh sea air. Whether you’re a novice or a keen competitive sailor, our range of sailboats for sale offers plenty of fun and excitement. Modern sailboats are built from the latest materials with easy to handle rigging and are economical to buy and maintain; they may hold one, two or three people and offer the perfect sailing experience for people who love being close to the water. Maybe you’re dreaming of a peaceful sail as the sun goes down or perhaps of racing through the waves in a fresh breeze; however you plan to enjoy the beautiful warm waters of the Arabian Gulf, our range of sailboats includes different shapes and hull types to meet your individual requirements.

Types of sailboats

Whether designed for recreational use or high performance racing, small sailing boats all have one thing in common: they work purely by harnessing the natural power of the wind to propel the boat through the water, although with larger models you have the option of a small outboard motor to use when in the marina or when the wind drops. There are hundreds of different types of sailboats available but in order to simplify things, sailing dinghies may be categorised as monohull or twin hull. Small sailing boats can have a flat or rounded bottom and are steered by means of a centreboard and rudder. Small sailing dinghies are easy to manoeuvre and responsive in the lightest of winds so are perfect for those who wish to fine tune their sailing skills, as well as for complete beginners. Some of the most popular small sailing boats include:
• The skiff is one of the fastest types of sailboat, designed with a large sail to catch the breeze and a narrow, flat hull. Constructed with a three layer fibreglass system for bouyancy, skiffs are light and easy to launch and virtually unsinkable.
• Catamarans feature a tall mast and twin joined hulls and is built for speed so are perfect for racing.
• Larger sailboats can hold more people and their stable design makes them very suitable for recreational sailing - although they are still exciting to sail.
• Racing sailboats are designed for professional races and are lightweight and extremely fast. They may include features such as racks for trapezing. Welcome aboard: explore our carefully selected range of sailing boats to find your perfect craft.