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RS 700

The RS 700 – Quick, exciting and user friendly – the perfect combination. Performance equalisation for sailors of all sizes. Typically exciting and amazing RS events
Its performance equalisation system means that winners can be large or small, giving great racing and big atmosphere on the sponsored RS Racing Circuits. There is a cult following for the RS700 and it’s easy to see why.

Product description


  • Long hull with wide enough waterline provide a relatively stable platform. Stability and little tendency to nosedive are essential to make this type of sailing attainable to a range of sailors.
  • Tried and tested RS epoxy sandwich construction system - proven in terms of ultra-light weight, high strength and virtually zero water absorption.
  • Cockpit design allows a secure helming position from which to initiate manoeuvres or hoist and drop the spinnaker - another crucial design element to make the boat as user friendly as possible.


  • Carbon composite mast. Ultra-light weight with dynamic gust response in the tip.
  • Kevlar reinforced mylar sail fabric is used for strength, low stretch and high visibility.
  • Asymmetric spinnaker - high aspect for low sheet loads and good visibility. Silicone coated fabric makes hoists and drops faster, easier and extends the life of the sail. Downwind performance is simply sensational.


  • Dagger board can be raked to balance the boat in a breeze when sailing with the rig de-powered.

Virtually maintenance free

  • Can be stored outdoors
  • No water absorption
  • No gel coat

Size / Specs


4.68m (15'5")


1.92-2.23m (6'4"-7'8")

Hull weight

56kg (123lb)

Sailing weight

79kg (174lb)

Sail area main

12.8m2 (127sqft)

Sail area spinnaker

16m2 (166sqft)